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Inspired after brilliant open mike night, my friend Buddhi’s performance and another on of WDR’s brilliantly worded posts… This is part of a huge initiative by the Times of India’s campaign called India Poised and I wanted to post one of the essential pieces of copy that made it such a huge success. This is an ad which replaced the front page of the Times of Inida on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday… It’s called D.O.


This campaign, launched on independence day 2007 started off as a single press ad called “India vs India” and overnight turned into something even the client and ad agency didn’t foresee. As a result an unplanned second phase was launched called The Lead India movement, which called for people to take a stand for what they believed in for their nation and  saw 30,000 people from all walks of life stepping up to the plate as possible future leaders of their country. Through a rigorous process of interviews, tests etc they were narrowed down to 8 people who campaigned all over the country talking about what they stood for. Finally India as a nation picked one man to become their future leader. This man will be a registered candidate at the next general election and probably become the nation’s next prime minister.  


Here’s the first ad, which replaced the front page of the Times of India on Independence Day that started it all off…




It’s quite easy to replace the word “India” with “Sri Lanka” which instantly evoke the desire to slam your head against a wall. Hopefully after that, we’ll also feel the desire to march.


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Help Brandix, Murphy is on my back now. I have this scary, hollow sense of dread at the bottom of my stomach. Its like my mojo is missing all of a sudden. I’m not going to get into a long harangue of a post because I’ll just end up crying by the time I’m done and all I want is to get through tonight and tomorrow. That’s it. That’s all really. Not much to ask for right? There’s just a few things I need to list down, both good and bad because if I don’t do it now, the moment would have passed me by and I don’t want to let go of the good bits of it just yet, especially when there are so many upsetting things intermingled with them…

1. My throat is not functioning. I can sing only my lower range notes and I squeak when I go any higher. And this IS a musical after all. 

2. I’ve been on 2 different courses of antibiotics, 2 different kinds of cough syrup, Samahan, strepsils, bees honey and anything else that has promised a cure for one week now to no avail

3. I saw the set on Monday when I walked in and it took my breath away. When I’m up there I actually feel like I’m in an Olde Englishe Pub

4. I’ve been connecting more and more with cast members everyday. So much so that my heart is already starting to break. One tells me that he is just getting back on his feet again after his girlfriend died in a car crash. Makes me want to hold him tight enough to take the pain away. He’s a strong boy and I am proud to know him

5. Another’s shares L word downloads with me and never hesitates to walk upto me and hold me when he knows I’m down. Last night was a classic example. I thought I was going to curl up in a ball and howl. But I didn’t because just before the tears fell, he magically appeared there.

6. My costumes which went back for adjusting were virtually falling off me and I couldn’t really have a proper run through as a result. My fellow Rosie has taken them home for last minute adjustments and I hope I can move around in them properly tonight & tomorrow. We’re both ill and in a foul mood. I can soooo relate.

7. I finish the rehearsal wanting to jump off a cliff and our very own stool breaker comes to sit next to me and tells me it’ll be fine. He’ll bring me a flask and we’ll make this miracle voice cure we’ve been talking about and makes me feel a little better instantly. For someone who thinks he feels awkward in these situations, he did an amazing job. To add to it, he even started blogging yesterday siting Brandix & I as possible inspirations. Read his first post here

8. Even our “evil vocal director” as I call him to everyone who asks how the play is going told me that I sounded really good singing last night. Now I know he was lying because I opened my mouth and not a single note popped out. I appreciate the kindness though, especially with him picking on my bad breathing habits & inability to remember any harmony for the last few months. 

9. I wake up this morning with my voice worse than ever. So in a panic I gulp half a bottle of cough syrup and needless to say, along with my lack of sleep, I now have the shakes. I’m trembling so badly that its taken over an hour to type this post.

10. Absent dropped in to have a smoke with me. Although it was more a case of him not wanting to be at work because of the hype of the production, I really appreciate the company because I was very close to losing it completely this morning. 

11. I have an opening night occurrence that is almost ritualistic for me and is not going to happen with this production because the source of it has become a non-entity. I am going to be really upset when I walk into my dressing room tomorrow as a result.

12. I am contemplating popping into church. That I think is the biggest shocker of all.

13. I’ll end off with an ominous number 13… I’m afraid. I think that’s the biggest issue. A deep, dark sense of fear. Afraid that I’m a crappy ass actress who’ll ruin the show for everyone and sing off key and leave the audience and my fellow cast members disappointed. I need my mojo back. I need my smile back. I need me back. 

I want to end off with a flourish and say “on with the show”… but I just can’t. I’m sorry. 😦

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