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Pardon the rather rude title but I’m at odds as to how to react to a bit of news I received a few days ago. It’s been stewing around in my head for a while and I thought I’d let you in on it to see how you’d react to it as well.

A certain church of the folk plans to open a TV and radio station to further help spread the good news to the people they haven’t been able to reach by now. Or at least that’s the assumption I’m making, because why else would a church want to venture into owning their own media if not

Jesus & Elvis in space by Vernavulpes

Jesus & Elvis in space by Vernavulpe

Now my first reaction is that if an entity has that much money, shouldn’t they focus on if there was a bigger need for it? I was thinking of the IDPs who have no homes to go back to. I mean you read posts like this and you wonder what you can do yourself. Far be it for me to make a decision on how someone else should spend their money, but when it’s a church I guess it becomes a matter of public interest.

Now I’m all for spreading the good news. A friend of mine, non-Christian of course, asked me why the Christian church was so adamant about shoving their religion down the throats of others. I told him that it was the foundation of Christianity. Some know that a man called Jesus, the son of god himself who died that we can all be absolved of sin. This amazing piece of news needs to be spread to the corners of the earth. True, I agreed that some groups can be radical in their approach and thereby come across as forceful or annoying, but I told him that at the heart of it was good intention.

But the more I thought about it, another more crucial quote from the Bible comes to mind. One that will solve everything. End wars. Feed the hungry. Change the world. All the epic stuff. Only if it was believed in. “Love one another as I have loved you”. For me, this means more than spreading the good news of the next life. What’s the point if we can’t get along and help each other in this one? Even Jesus focused on feeding the 5000 before he preached to them after all.


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