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The apartment was signed for yesterday and my roomies (which include the lovely Lady Jade and a mutual friend who I will merely refer to as the statuesque beauty for now) and I are moving in on the 15th of September. All’s set to go. Of course this does make me feel like the older, uglier one of the bunch. I console myself only by thinking that I am the wiser one, which I highly doubt holds any truth. Never-the-less, here’s a view from my bedroom balcony, albeit taken in bad light off my camera phone –


For now all I can tell you is that an old lady seems to have died in one of the bedrooms, sending us girls into a teeny state of panic. It’s one of those old apartments that were in existence in Colombo way before the multitude of apartment building became an eyesore. It’s located within minutes of everything and has a homely feel about it.

More will follow in true RD fashion with regular updates and pictures as the place starts to become a home. Stitch & MoCuishle will be over on weekends so I won’t be completely out of their lives.

Needless to say, I’m excited as fuck

P.s. Sorry for the borrow RD, we shall try and come up with a name that all 3 of us are happy with. Something epic like Isengard or Minas Tirith or something like that.


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Princess Martha in her kingdom by the sea, surrounded by her loyal subjects.


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