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Damn you

And damn you again

For the ache, the pain

The excruciating throb in my throat

As you swell inside me

Hard to swallow

And yet I must

Survive… go on

With you inside me

Bigger now



Damn you, tonsils!


I was thinking about what to write and these darn tonsils are getting in the way of my thinking. I had a brilliant thought or 2 (an achievement, I know) but they all seem to escape me in the wake of the tonsil menace. I hope you’re having a good week blogsphere. I am not. 

Now that wasn’t laced with any bitterness. I was just saying it as I was feeling it. The simple fact that I am not having a good week that is. I have rehearsals tonight and I haven’t been able to sing a single note in key for a few weeks now thanks to my large, swollen, testicle looking tonsils! I so far as ventured out to a doctor because of them. Twice. Anyone who knows me will tell you that this is a miracle. I home medicate myself, thinking that no doctor (save my friend whose a medical student) knows how to treat me out of an illness as well as I can. This time, I felt powerless. But obviously doctors are too, if they haven’t been able to cure me.

Would any of you possibly have a solution to my twin large, circular problems? And please don’t say gargle. The word was deleted from my vocabulary the day I moved out of my parents house. The only way I’ll ever move back is if they promise never to use the word in my presence. Gargle. Seriously. You must be all off your rockers, or tonsils to ever indulge in that silly grandmotherly manner of gargling with salt water and other added yuckies. And before you go any further and tell me that this is the reason I am not better, I did do the dirty ‘g’ word. And it didn’t help! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ouch. That hurt. Note to self. Don’t growl. Not even when typing. Because you actually tend to make the sounds you type out loud.

The tonsils have spoken!


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