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I hated spinach. Still do. Can’t stand the bloody slimy things. And like every child, I was forced to eat “nivithi”. Yuck. Bleearrrgh. I was a kid who had issues with food in general, but when it came to that green shit, I’d want to die. Or cut my tounge off. Or both. But my mother’s long standing love affair with that oddly shaped, ugly cartoon character ensured that we had spinach at home at least twice a week. And my mother, who was quite the matronly type when it came to me (one wonders where that went when my sister was born) screamed, shouted and did everything possible to chuck it down my throat. Of course I would promptly spit it out. She would continue to yell at me and then remind me that I’ll grow big and strong like Popeye.

Now I want to ask you… why did we ever watch a cartoon that helped our parents have one over on us? As a girl my mother’s ploys didn’t work on me all that well, but did you boys actually want to look like that with the literally popping eyes, crooked chin and holding onto a pipe through which you sucked in your daily dose of the green slimey yuckies? To add to that did you want a girlfriend called Olive Oil?

I would (kids don’t try this at home) yell back at my mom and tell her that I had no intention of looking that ugly even if it came at the cost of being a weakling. Even my grandma used to tell me things like eat all your greens so you’ll grow beautiful. I’d tell her that obviously she didn’t or else she wouldn’t look that bad. Yes, I was incorrigible. But Popeye was my biggest food battle and I was not going to lose to him. You see, he may have been strong of body, but he didn’t have a clue how to get out of a scrape without spinach. That doesn’t say very much about him. Especially because Bluto (was that his name?) would be far more cunning. Popeye was Big Moose. He was Goofy. Whilst we found these characters endearing, we most certainly didn’t want to emulate them. The only thing that did it for me was that he was a sailor. I saw a little adventure in his spirit. But that was it. For me it felt like they did it just to give him an occupation. It was all a conspiracy to bring us down.

Was just having a chat over lunch today and am thankful about the fact that cartoons no longer come with the obvious good vs.evil theme. The bad guys make mistakes now that make them turn evil. The good guys have their off days and make silly mistakes. Things are getting far closer to reality. And Popeye can rest in pieces, leaving me in peace.

Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.


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Malay Street Munch

I ventured all by my lonesome to meet some friends at Malay Street last evening and had the most amazing time. A friend had told me about this little street vendor who sells beef soup at 50 bucks. Greedy as I am about the good stuff in the world (yes, I am an indulgent sort) I headed off to meet him there with his fiance.

Firstly, I must tell you that the place took my breath away. Its been years since I’ve passed Malay Street and probably never since I actually walked around there. The gentle drizzle added to the amazing feel of the place. Time seemed to have stopped. I felt like I was walking around Colombo that existed decades ago. It still holds within it, a little bit of rustic charm that I found endearing to say the least.

We headed into this little unbranded, anonymous place with just 2 tiny tables. Within second there were steaming bowls of beef broth  set before us and an assortment of food from beef rolls to babath patties soon followed. The beef broth was a huge bowl of heaven with lots of big meaty beef bones inside. Took me nearly half an hour to finish and once I smacked in a few rolls and patties I was spent. The nicest part was how my wallet wasn’t. At 50 Rupees a bowl of soup, I could eat there for the rest of my life. The place is run by this very friendly Malay family who surpirisingly have not put on any weight considering the scrumptious stuff they make for others.

I watched a frenzy of people outside buying rolls on their way home and thought about the bomb that went off recently just yards away from where we were. I venture into this part of the city far far less because of this conflict. What a pity. I wished I discovered this little piece of heaven on Malay Street far far sooner.

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